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20 Secrets of a Great Wedding DJ - Schiller Chicago DJs

1. Good communication skills with the couple and guests.

2. Ability to read the crowd and adjust the music accordingly.

3. A wide selection of music genres to cater to different tastes.

4. Excellent equipment that is well maintained and reliable.

5. Knowledge of wedding traditions and etiquette.

6. Being punctual and prepared for the event.

7. Professionalism and a positive attitude.

8. Good microphone skills for announcements and introductions.

9. Ability to handle unexpected situations.

10. Flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances.

11. Understanding of sound and acoustics.

12. Ability to create a flow for the evening's events.

13. A sense of humor to keep the crowd engaged.

14. Attention to detail and organization skills.

15. Coordination with other vendors to ensure a smooth event.

16. Experience with different wedding cultures and traditions.

17. Being well-dressed and presentable.

18. Strong work ethic and dedication to the job.

19. A willingness to go above and beyond for the couple and their guests.

20. A passion for music and creating a memorable experience.


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