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52 Blog Post Prompts for Wedding DJs | Copywriter for Photographers and Wedding Pros

YOU KNOW YOU SHOULD BLOG, BUT YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT TO BLOG ABOUT? THESE BLOG POSTS PROMPTS FOR WEDDING DJS WILL GIVE YOU ONE FULL YEAR OF IDEAS! FOR BEST RESULTS, RENAME THE BLOG POST TITLE TO SUIT YOUR BRAND, TONE, AND AUDIENCE. 1. Ten Indie Song Choices You Might Not Have Thought of For Your First Dance 2. Our Prediction for the Hottest Songs for Weddings in (Year). 3. The 80's (or 90's) Songs That Will Fill Up Your Dance Floor, Guaranteed. 4. 10 High Energy Songs for Your Grand Entrance. 5. What Soft Rock Ballads are Killing it at Weddings this year! 6. Why Explicit Lyrics Don't Belong at Your Wedding Reception 7. What Kinds of Songs are Perfect for Your Cocktail Hour 8. Crazy One-Hit Wonders Everyone Loves to Dance To 9. Yacht-Rock Songs That Everyone Will Sing-Along to At Your Wedding Reception 10. Standard and Classic Songs That Will Never Die 11. The Greatest Love Songs of the Last Century 12. Alternative/Indie Music That You Can Dance To 13. Latin Songs with a Beat that Everyone Loves 14. Are Couples Skipping the Garter and Bouquet Toss? 15. Country Dance Songs that Even Country-Haters will Dance To 16. Mother Son Dance Songs That Everyone Loves 17. Motown Magic-The Must-Have Songs for Your Playlist 18. Wedding Ceremony Music: How to Choose a Prelude, Processional, and Recessional Song 19. How Many Songs Should You Limit Your “Do Not Play” List to at Your Wedding Reception? 20. Your Wedding DJ: To Take Requests or Not Take Requests? 21. What Dances are “Traditional” at Weddings in (year) 22. Your DJ Has no Insurance: What Could go Wrong? 23. Best Rat Pack Songs for Your Cocktail Hour 24. Recessional Songs That Will Rock your Wedding Ceremony 25. What Do you Do When Your Parents Want Cheesy Songs at Your Wedding? 26. To Electric Slide or Not Electric Slide: The Truth about Participation Dances 27. Is it Important to Meet Your DJ In-Person Before the Wedding? 28. LGBTQ Anthems You Don’t Want to Miss on Your Playlist 29. The Difference between a DJ and an MC 30. Father-Daughter Dances for Your Wedding When You’re a Professed “Daddy’s Girl” 31. Father Daughter Songs When you're NOT the Stereotypical Daddy's Girl 32. Cake Cutting Tunes to Delight! 33. When It’s Not Just Single Ladies: Fun Songs for The Bouquet Toss 34. My Favorite Songs from (past year) and Why I Love to Play them At Weddings 35. Rap Songs that Won’t Offend Grandma at Your Wedding Reception 36. Best Songs to Play at a Kid-Filled Wedding that Won’t Kill Your Dance Floor 37. Location, Location, Location: Let’s Talk About How Your Bar Affects Your Dance Floor 38. The Bride and Groom Lead the Party: Why you NEED to Dance on your Wedding Day 39. Why Being in Complete Control of Your Playlist Can Backfire 40. If I Could Only Play 10 Songs at a Wedding, I Would Play 41. 90’s Boy Band Music That Everyone Knows (and Loves) 42. The Indispensable _______(your city, or state) Playlist for _________(your keyword area) Wedding 43. Hall and Oates Songs That Slay at Your Wedding Every time 44. 90’s Nostalgia Vibes: My Top (number) Favorites for a Wedding Reception 45. 60’s (or 70’s) Songs that Are Still Killing it at (year) Wedding Receptions 46. What I’m Loving Now: A Spotify Playlist of the Best Wedding Reception Songs of (year) 47. Smooth Cocktail Jazz Tunes for Your Cocktail Hour: The Ultimate Playlist 48. The Best Island Vibe Songs for Your Outdoor/Destination/Beach Wedding 49. Disco DOESN’T Suck? Disco Songs that Still Work for your Wedding Reception 50. Surprise Dances: What You Should Know Before You Plan One for your Wedding Reception 51. What Songs are “Stereotypical” Wedding Songs, and Is that Good or Bad? 52. Small Wedding? Here's What to Know About Your Wedding Music


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